Russian Sacred Music and Folk Songs from Saint-Petersburg

TroitsaA concert by the Russian Choir “Voskresenije” in Cambridge.

When: Wednesday, 24 October 2012 at 19.30 (doors open from 19.00)
Where: Jesus College Chapel, Jesus College, Cambridge, CB5 8BL
Tickets: £9, £6 (CamRuSS members), £3 students

A group of nine professional vocalists trained at the world class Saint-Petersburg Conservatoire, conducted by Jury Maruk will be performing in Cambridge for one night as part of their UK Tour. The programme features Russian Sacred Music, including choral music by Sergey Rachmaninov and Viktor Kalinnikov; traditional Russian Folk Songs, such as “Oh You Steppe Wide”, “The Coachman, Do Not Whip Up the Horses”, “Gipsy Song” (“Two Guitars”) and “Volga Boatmen’s Song” as well as some eternal masterpieces “Ave Maria” by Camille Saint-Saens. The vocal range of the choir includes the famous Russian Basso Profundo by Anatoly Artamonov. They will sing the concert programme in two parts: the first half concentrated on Russian sacred music by Rachmaninov, and the second a series of traditional Russian folk songs.

The programme:

1. We Sing To You – V. Kalinnikov (1875-1941)
2. The Six Psalms,Glory to God in The Highest – S. Rachmaninov
3. Hail, O Virgin, Birth-giver of God! – S. Rachmaninov
4. Having Beheld The Resurrection of Christ – S. Rachmaninov
5. Blessed Art Thou O Lord – S. Rachmaninov
6. Praise The Name of The Lord – L. Andreev (1871-1919)
7. Lord, Now Lettest Thou – D. Hristov (1875-1941)
8. Ave Maria  – C. Saint-Saens (1798- 1835)

Interval- 15-20 Minutes

Part Two- Folk Songs

1. Ah You Steppe Wide
2. In a Sunny Clearing
3. The Twelve Robbers
4. The Coachman Don’t Whip up The Horses
5. Volga Boatmen’s Song
6. Gipsy Song (Two guitars)
7. Old Drinking Song (in the Pub)
8. The Lonely Little Bell

The singers:

1. Maruk Yury – Conductor
2. Artamonov Anatoly – Basso profundo
3. Liuobovedskaja Polina – Soprano
4. Nagibin Vitalii – Tenor
5. Evdokimova Ekaterina – Alto
6. Ilmast Marina – Alto
7. Petrov Dmitrii – Tenor
8. Medetov Dovletnasar – Bass
9. Maksimova Ekaterina – Soprano

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