Russian Amateur Theatre

Russian Amateur Theatre is another exciting initiative of CamRuSS. It is now known as “Вот Такой Театр”.

Day and Time: Meet for rehearsals every Wednesday, from 8pm will 10pm (except school and public holidays).
Venue: Colleges Nursery & Family Centre, Campkin Rd, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 2LD
Map: Click here.

Drama Club Performance Dragon

If you would like to help with making costumes, designing props and decorations, with stage make-up, or light and sound, please contact CamRuSS on:

You are also welcome to visit our Facebook page:

Previous productions:


In November 2012, the Theatre staged and performed in Cambridge a play “The Dragon” by Evgeny Shvartz, with overwhelming success. Producer: Ulyana Bashtanova. Artists and Designers: Ludmilla Perlova and Sasha Ediger.

A new production prepared and performed in 2014-2015:

“Zoyka’s Flat” by Mikhail Bulgakov (15th & 28th November 2014, and 27th February 2015)


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Please read an article about our theatre in Russian London “ВОТ ТАКОЙ ТЕАТР, или Это, ребята, не лечится” (in Russian).

Since then, an increased and active theatre troupe has been working on a number of new productions. One of them, “A Tale of Three Sisters”, based on Chekhov, was recently shown on Cambridge stage with great success (on 17th February & 10th March 2019).

Work on the second play is still in progress – watch this space!

Last updated: 16th March 2019.

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