VE day 2024

Russian Arctic Convoys veterans in Churchill College, Cambridge. September 2015.

These days in May we are marking the end of the Second World War in Europe and remember all those who gave their lives for the Allied victory. The CamRuSS team had an honour of knowing and maintaining connections with the veterans of the Second World War residing in the UK and Russia. We organised meetings and informal exchanges where veterans shared their life stories and wartime experiences, as we strongly believe that those lessons should be remembered and passed down through generations.
In 2020 we published a brochure ‘Second World War Veterans in Britain 2020’ , a selection of short biographies of those who took part in the Arctic Convoys. There are only three of them still with us today.

Today, we send our heartfelt greetings and thanks to Capt Rolf Monteith, John Wass, Thomas Ward and Eleanora Bulatova in the UK as well as those in Russia and across the world who lived through those tragic and testing times. Our thoughts are with all those whose lives have been impacted by the current military conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. We wish and pray for peace and reconciliation.

You may view a copy of the ‘Remembering the Second World War’ publication with autobiographies of 15 veterans, 20 personal stories and tributes to family members who experienced the war first-hand – during the Blitz bombings or during active service with the Royal Air Force or on the Eastern Front, and listen to a personal message by Capt Rolf Monteith recorded in 2020.






























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