CamRuSS Honorary Advisers


Жанара Давлетова

Janar Davletov

Janar is a Chartered Management Accountant (CGMA/CIMA) and holds a BA degree in Economics and an AAT accounting professional qualification. She has been volunteering for CamRuSS in the capacity of Treasurer for the past 5 years. Janar has been applying her professional qualifications and expertise in working in the charitable sector to fulfil her role as a Trustee and Treasurer of CamRuSS till January 2021. Janar works as Deputy Director of Finance at the Trinity College Cambridge where she has worked for the last 11 years.



Tanya Yurasova

Tanya Yurasova

Tanya holds a PhD in Physics from Moscow State University and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. She has over 20 years’ experience teaching Mathematics, and occasionally Russian in the secondary and further education sectors in the UK.

Tanya was President of the Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society in the period 2002–2010 and has extensive experience in organising events. She was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Cambridge Russian School in 2015–2019.

She is a Green-badge Cambridge Tourist Guide, and, in addition to her ordinary work as a guide, has done a number of free or especially tailored guided tours for the local Russian-speaking community and for CamRuSS’ guests and invited speakers.

Tanya has taught Russian at all levels (evening classes, tutorial colleges, and summer schools) and launched the annual Residential Russian Summer School for adults in Cambridge in 2016, which she has been coordinating ever since.

Tanya also has experience in translating and interpreting between English and Russian, and helped with interpreting at a few CamRuSS events. As a member of the local amateur theatre ‘Vot Takoy Teatr’ she acted in a number of Russian-language plays that were performed in Cambridge in 2012–2019.

Tanya is able to help and offer occasional support and advice in the following areas:

  • PR and advertising;
  • Organisation and planning of the cultural programme, search for invited speakers;
  • Questions related to teaching Russian and English;
  • Organising occasional events in collaboration with other members of the society;
  • Walks and guided tours of Cambridge for CamRuSS’ guests, invited speakers and other interested parties


Yelena Karl

Yelena Karl

Yelena currently works as a freelance translator, Russian Language tutor and exam invigilator. She holds an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Moscow Power Engineering Institute and has many years of administrative work experience. Yelena was a trustee of the Cambridge Russian school from 2009 till 2012 and has been an active volunteer for CamRuSS since 2007.

She is keen to apply her knowledge, professional qualifications and experience to fulfil her role as a Trustee and Event Coordinator of CamRuSS with the following responsibilities:

  • Searching, coordinating & communicating ideas for future events;
  • Overseeing execution of the plan of events;
  • Convening meetings;
  • Dealing with correspondence;
  • Preparing agendas for meetings in consultation with other trustees.

JOHN BARBER (1944–2021)

John Barber, 1944-2021 (photo by Catherine Barber, January 2017)

Dr John Barber was a historian of Russia in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods at King’s College, Cambridge. His main interests were in social and political history.

The USSR in World War II had been the main focus of John’s research in his last years, particularly the siege of Leningrad. John spoke Russian and shared a strong interest in Russian language and culture.

John had been an active supporter of CamRuSS from its very beginning while helping with organising events and promoting CamRuSS activities among academic circles. John co-organised the Art of Endurance series of visual art/talks/film screenings in 2017 and regularly contributed to the programme of CamRuSS events.

John Barber (1944-2021) Memorial Page.

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