Russian Courses in Cambridge

Hills Rd1. Russian Evening Classes at Hills Road Sixth-Form College
(Adult Education)

The following courses are running at Hills Rd in Autumn/Winter 2016:

Russian Absolute Beginners (Level 1)

Day and Time: Thursdays 19:00 – 21:00.
No. of sessions: 10
Start date: 22nd September 2016

For those who have no previous knowledge of Russian.
You will learn some basic linguistic skills needed for everyday situations.

The course book: Culhane, Terry and Bivon, Roy, ‘Russian Language and People’, BBC Worldwide 2006. The course will cover chapters 1-10.

Russian Level 3

Day and Time: Tuesday 19:00 – 21:00.
No. of sessions: 10
Start date: 20th September 2016

For those who have been learning Russian for one or two terms, or have some other experience of the Russian language. The course will covers the basic language for everyday situations. We will explore a little of the culture of Russia and gain insight into the Russian lifestyle and way of thinking.

The course book is: Culhane, Terry and Bivon, Roy, Russian Language and People, BBC Worldwide 2006 , Chapters 11-20.

– Russian Intermediates

Day and Time: Thursdays 19:00 – 21:00.
No. of sessions: 10
Start Date: 22nd September 2016

For those who have been studying Russian for about a year. The approach is mainly conversational, although all the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are being developed. You will practice understanding native Russian-speakers and communicating in real-life situations. Come and learn Russian in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, through role-play, songs, Russian cuisine and games!

The course book is Russian Ruslan 2 (ISBN 1-899785-48-5), chapters 5–10, with references to Russian Ruslan 1 (ISBN 9781899785827).

– Russian Advanced

Day and Time: Wednesdays 19:00 – 21:00.
No. of sessions: 10.
Start Date: 21st September 2016

For those who have already studied Russian before (up to GCSE), or who have lived or worked in Russia. In class, we shall concentrate on speaking and listening as well as reading, with more reading and written work at home. Conversation and debate will be encouraged, and students will have an opportunity to explore topics of their own choice. If you wish to improve your linguistic skills, find out more about contemporary Russian culture, engage in discussions, and gain confidence, this course is for you!

The course books: Miller, L.V., Politova, L.V., Zhili-byli, Basic level: a textbook, Zlatoust, 2009, chapter 3; Miller, L.V., Politova, L.V., Zhili-byli, Basic level: a workbook, Zlatoust, 2008, chapter 3; Murray, John, Smyth, Sarah, Intermediate Russian: A Grammar and Workbook, Routledge, 2002, chapter 1.

2. Russian Saturday Classes For Adults at Cambridge Russian School (at Long-Road Sixth-Form College)

– Russian for Beginners (Level 1)

Day and time: Saturdays 15:05 – 16:45
Room G102
Tutor: Anna Nerukh
Cost: £8 per hour (i.e. £16 for a 2-hour session)

This course will suit those who have no previous knowledge of Russian. The course covers the basic language needed for everyday situations, and aims to develop three language skills (listening, speaking and reading). The emphasis will be on extracting specific information from short texts such as travel and tourist information brochures, menus and publicity materials. In the speaking part of the course, students will learn the necessary language for communication in shops, restaurants, hotels and when asking for directions.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course you will have been given the opportunity to:

  • Greet people and introduce yourself.
  • Say where you live, ask and give directions.
  • Speak on the telephone.
  • Talk about likes and dislikes.
  • Ask questions with regard to nationality.
  • Request and give information in shops, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and when you are visiting interesting places in Russia.
  • Understand the weather forecast and speak about the weather.
  • Read short texts.
  • Learn basic grammar: nouns – gender, singular and plural, cases, verbs – conjugations, present tense, modal verbs, adjectives, simple adverbs, pronouns and prepositions as well as telling the time and the numbers 1-100

– Everyday Russian (Level 2/3)

Day and time: Saturdays 12:55 – 14:45
Room G102
Tutor: Anna Nerukh
Cost: £8 per hour (i.e. £16 for a 2-hour session)

This course is aimed at students who already have some knowledge of Russian. A variety of topics, authentic materials and interactive activities are used to expand and enrich students’ vocabulary, grammar and cultural knowledge. It enables students to understand native Russian-speakers and helps them communicate in practical situations. Come and learn Russian in a fun and relaxed atmosphere through role-play, songs, Russian cuisine and games. A lot of additional reading and extended practical exercises will be available for those students who are interested in reading and grammar.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course students will have been given an opportunity to cover the following topics:

  • Going to the doctors
  • The parts of the body
  • Shopping
  • Colours and sizes
  • To make a proposal
  • ‘The Red Cup’
  • Russian song
  • Russian towns.
  • The Railway

They will also have covered the following main grammar points:

  • Adjectives: singular feminine; dative and prepositional singular masculine; superlative
  • Summary of the declension of adjectives
  • Declension of possessive pronouns
  • Verbs of motion
  • Prefixed verbs of motion
  • Conjunctions
  • Approximate numbers
  • Irregular nouns

Your Tutor:
Anna Nerukh is a native Russian-speaker with extensive experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language, as well as translating and interpreting to and from Russian. For over ten years Anna has been teaching Russian from beginners to GCSE and A level at Cambridge Russian School and Hills Road Sixth-Form College.

Kill a few birds with one stone!

– Being a part of the Cambridge Russian School, you will also be able to:

  • meet many local Russians and Russian-speakers in a warm, relaxed and friendly space, make friends and practise your language skills over a cup of tea or coffee
  • attend Cambridge Russian School events, festivals and performances FREE of charge
  • prepare for GCSE/A level Russian in the future

8 Responses to Russian Courses in Cambridge

  1. John Farrington says:

    I am a recently retired translator of Russian and German at the Foreign Office and would like to brush up my spoken Russian. A few years ago I was at Extensive standard having passed the FCO exam at this level. I spoke to Olga Khimkai only this evening and she told me that a class of intermediate / advanced students met on Wednesdays at Hills Road at 1900 hrs. I agreed to go along to her group but realised afterwards that my wife needs the car on these evenings and so I would not be able to go on Wednesdays. Could you suggest a group which I could fit into on any other day.

    • CamRuSS Team says:

      You can try the Saturday afternoon class for advanced learners at the Russian School (see above), and/or Russian Conversation class on Monday lunchtime – click on page “Russian Conversation”. Hope this helps.

  2. Виктор,48лет says:

    Умом Россию не понять,
    Аршином общим не измерить:
    У ней особенная стать —
    В Россию можно только верить.
    Господа!Как раз я родом из той области,где родился и проживал автор этих строк Фёдор Тютчев. В лесах этой области нашли бесславную смерть полчища немецко-фашистких войск.Город расположен неподалеку от легендарной Курской битвы Второй Мировой войны.Угадайте Господа?

  3. stephen rodgers says:

    I am interested in studying beginners Russian either on an evening or a weekend.

    Please advise on availability and cost of such training


    Stephen Rodgers

    • CamRuSS Team says:

      Dear Stephen,
      Please contact directly the colleges or the tutors on this list.
      Thank you, and good luck!

  4. Viktorija Stanciukaite says:

    Dear Yulia,

    I would like to start Russian classes on Saturdays, therefore would like to get more information about start date, cost, time etc.

    Would be grateful if you could send me more information.

    Thank you, kindly.

  5. Anton says:

    I want to practice English through Skype. I can help you with Russian. if you’re interested, write to the I will be glad.

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