Поход по грибы и шашлык

В воскресенье, 20 октября 2013
Сбор — в 11:00 утра.

Наша традиционная осенняя «грибная охота» в лесу, отдых на природе, шашлыки и подвижные игры для больших и маленьких!griby

Место встречи: Hinchingbrooke Country Park, Brampton Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6DB

Приглашение от организатора прогулки по грибы Джона Фаррингтона:

My dear friends, you are most cordially invited to our annual mushroom gathering expedition under the stewardship of a local expert, Helene Davies, who has kindly volunteered to come along and share her expansive expertise with us. We will gather mushrooms, sing songs, drink to our hearts’ content, eat our fill  and generally have a jolly good time while enjoying each others’ company. The fun will start at 1100 at Hinchinbrooke Country Park, Huntingdon and will continue long into the afternoon. Please bring food and drink to share but most of all bring your lovely selves. Plates, cups, knives, forks etc will be provided.  All we need is you.  See you there!

Со всеми вопросами пишите Джону по адресу: farringtonjohn@hotmail.com — он понимает и по-русски, и по-английски.

*** ПРОГУЛКА ПО ГРИБЫ — послесловие ***

Вот что рассказал о своих впечатлениях организатор прогулки, Джон Фаррингтон, которому КемРусс выражает искреннюю признательность за успешно проведённое мероприятие:

The annual mushroom gathering expedition took place on Sunday, 20th October, in Hinchinbrook Park in Huntingdon, and was well attended by around 20 people.  The expedition was led by Hélène Davies, who inspired us all with her knowledge and enthusiasm that was positively infectious. She was an absolute joy to be around, and has agreed to come along to the next one in 2014.  

There were many different types of mushrooms in the park; they were gathered, brought back, and some were grilled on the BBQ that took place after the forage. The atmosphere both at the forage and the BBQ was its usual friendly self, and we were all very grateful that the weather was so very kind to us after an inglorious start to the day when it poured with rain. 

One of the nicest surprises was the appearance of Natasha Perry who joined us having travelled from Ukraine via York where her daughter-in-law is about to give birth. I was delighted to see her after so long, as was everyone else. All in all, it was a very successful day out in the fresh air, and everyone said how much they had enjoyed the gathering. Many thanks to all who supported a lovely day.

Джон Фаррингтон

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