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«География России»: Лекция 2 Ольги Петри «Путешествие из страны нежности в страну пылкости: квир-география имперского Санкт-Петербурга (1880-1914)»

Scott Polar Research Institute, Lecture Theatre Lensfield Road, Cambridge

We continue our series of lectures on Geographies of Russia that showcases various aspects of geography, covering environmental issues, socio-economic and cultural geography, the geography of the Arctic and the culture of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Olga Petri This time … Continue reading

От мехов до Фаберже: подарки, дипломатия и британо-российские художественные отношения.

Yusuf Hamied Theatre Christ College 46 King St, Cambridge

Courtly Gifts and Cultural Diplomacy: Art, Material Culture and British-Russian Relations, 2023 Since the escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2022, artistic and cultural relations between Russia and Britain have entered a difficult phase. However, when the longer historical picture … Continue reading

£5 – £8

Поиск сокровищ в Кембридже — 2023

The Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UF

A team-based walking adventure exploring the city (created by Tanya Yurasova* and Sayara Thompson). How well do you know Cambridge? How observant are you? To find out, please join us for our fun “treasure hunt”! The “treasures” are not real, … Continue reading

Прокофьев: «Странствующая башня».

churchill college Cambridge

The life story of Sergey Prokofiev through his diaries and stories. You are invited to experience the life of Sergey Prokofiev, one of classical music’s greatest storytellers, in a unique concert-drama. A thrilling new blend of music and theatre, The … Continue reading

£10 – £15