“White Nights” Party – Fort St.George, Midsummer Common, Cambridge

White NightsCamRuSS introduced this tradition 11 years ago following the famous Saint-Petersburg annual international arts festival during the season of the midnight sun.Of course, the scale here in Cambridge is somewhat different, but the spirits have always been very high.

The “White Nights” Party this year was just as uplifting, inspirational, and heartwarming as usual, marked with great enthusiasm of the masses. Even the near-Siberian cold was not to frighten us away – we were devout, unswerving and hardy, just as true Slavs and Slavophiles ought to be!

Our very special guest was a well-known Russian poet Viktor Gin – he came all the way from Israel and recited some of his verse in beautiful twilight on the banks of the Cam. Dancing polka and waltz to the accordion was another highlight.

Many, many thanks to Marina Burrell (the organiser + guitar), Natasha McBride (guitar), Yura Kraus (accordion), Mila Gin (guitar), Valentin Rusinov (guitar), and to everyone else who supported this powerful gathering with their voices, smiles, and fiery souls!

Have a glance at some photos, courtesy of Alex Barrett.

Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-06-18

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