Tatiana Lavrentieva – “Forgive Oneself”: one-woman show based on the poetry by Anna Akhmatova

Saturday, 19th October 7:30pm
Reddaway Room, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge CB3 0DG.

  • Entrance from Huntingdon Rd or Storey’s Way or Huntingdon Rd.
  • Map of the college (Reddaway Room is labelled with number 17 in the top left-hand corner).
  • How to find the college. Please beware: if entering from Huntingdon Rd, please press the button on the wall to call the porter, and ask them over the intercom to open the door for you (or wait for a passing by student).

Script by Galina Lavrinenko.
Producer: Dmitry Devdariani.
Sound Technician: Mark Arunurm.

Tatiana Lavrentieva ribbon

Age: 14+
Language: Russian.
Entrance: £7 adults; £5 students & members of CamRuSS, £3 schoolchildren.

Refreshments will be served after the show.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Tatiana Lavrentieva was born on 13th December 1956 in Russia, on the Sea of Azov, in the town of Taganrog, the home town of Anton Chekhov and Russian actress Faina Ranevskaya. At the age of 18, Tatiana ventured moving to Moscow, to pursue her career as an actress, with nothing but Stanislavsky’s words in her mind “Have faith in all!” Life was far from easy in the big city, but Tatiana managed to win her place at one of the most credited theatrical academies of performing arts in Moscow, RATI, graduating a few years later with a Masters Degree in Professional Acting for Film, TV, and Theatre. She then went on to work in the Moscow film industry, as well as working in Georgia, at the famous Russian-Georgian “Griboedov Drama Theatre”.

Lavrentieva 2In a short while, Tatiana Lavrentieva successfully established her name within the Russian film industry, in 1980-1992, appearing in 10 feature films, 12 TV dramas, and 15 theatre productions (including a whole variety of genres). She then wrote her first film script “Cover Me with The Shadow of Thy Wings”, a sensational story of love, loss and misfortune that was awarded the first prize at the International Aids Convention.

Tatiana moved to London in 1992 to continue her acting career in the UK. In the recent years, she appeared in a variety of films and TV productions in the UK, and has worked with such great names as David Cronenberg, Mike Leigh, Otto Bathurst and Marc Foster, to name but a few.

Click here for: Tatiana Lavrentieva’s brief video biography.

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