Spring Concert and Feast to celebrate International Women’s Day and Maslenitsa – St.Luke’s Church, Cambridge

MaslenitsaThe Spring Concert featured some of the most shining musical talents of Cambridge.

  • Glowing warmth;
  • bright and bustling atmosphere;
  • flamboyant Russian folk motifs;
  • tender pancakes with sweet and savoury fillings, accompanied by vodka and tea with the authentic crispy Russian “sushki”;
  • spring flowers and a hearty company of happy people!

Maxim Kosinov (VIOLIN) of brilliant international fame (St.Petersburg-Paris-Brussels)  presented a charming canape of Csárdás, Massenet, and Saint-Saëns; http://maximkosinov.com/

Vladimir Orlov, an acclaimed pianist and organist, performed PIANO pieces by Schubert and Liszt’s “Liebestraume” (Грёзы любви);

Nikolay Murashkin, with his jolly BALALAYKA, urged us to dance and sing our beloved Russian  and Eastern European folk tunes;

– In the less serious, second part of the evening, we were treated to an authentic BELLY DANCE by a professional Russian-speaking performer (Elina Danilenko), and energising GUITAR SONGS by Valentin Rusinov.

Feedback: «Нам очень понравился концерт! О том, что Максим великолепно играет на скрипке, мы слышали и раньше […] И хлеб очень вкусный! Интересно, какой у них рецепт? Я сама пеку хлеб, но у меня хорошо получается, только когда я беру 1:1 пшеничную и ржаную муку»

Please send us your bread recipes (Russian, Baltic, Eastern European, Asian, Caucasian, …) – and we shall publish them on CamRuSS’ website.

Here are some pictures: Spring Concert and Maslenitsa 2011 photos.

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