Siberian forest cat is looking for a good and loving home!

These animals are supposed to be hypoallergenic and not affect people with asthma, but, unfortunately, her owner’s health is indeed affected.

“She is a lovely little thing, and hate to part with her, but I must. She was born black, but is shedding her winter coat, which they do every year, and it changes colour, she is going to be a golden gingery colour and black stripe. She is long-haired (they do not actually have hair but fur, and long guard hairs). She is very affectionate and has many dog-like characteristics, which is usual to the breed, she will lick you when you are stroking her as a sign of affection and she plays “catch” with her favourite toy, which is very amusing.”

The cat will be spayed and micro-chipped. Her current owner does not wish to sell the cat, but she would be grateful if she could have the cost of spaying and microchipping reimbursed (about £80). She would simply like to find somewhere where the cat will be loved and properly cared for.

If anyone is interested, please email Susan on:

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