Russian Youth Theatre “Happy Island” from Geneva

Very rarely indeed do we have a chance to experience Russian theatre in Cambridge!

This time it’s a truly unique opportunity to see the acclaimed “Happy Island” Russian theatre from Geneva, the winner of an international competition in Paris (2013), with only two performances in our city!

Ashburton Hall, St.Faith’s School, Trumpington Road, Cambridge CB2 8AG

Two performances only!

  • Saturday, 22nd October, 6pm – «Tale about Fedot The Musketeer» (in Russian)

Based on the play by Leonid Filatov. Young, talented actors perform with professional sharpness and truly grown-up perceptiveness this highly satirical, multi-layered masterpiece. Fairytale characters, expressive dialogue and stunning theatrical performance guarantee overwhelming success with spectators of any age.


  • Sunday, 23rd October, 6pm – “Courtyard” (in Russian, with ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

What would the modern children do if you removed their mobile phones from them? What would happen if our kids suddenly found themselves back in the past? Would they then understand the deep meaning of the word “yard”? It is not just the empty space between the blocks of flats – it is the whole life, where their mums and dads, their grannies and grandfathers used to share their joys and sorrows, where there was no racism, where people were just people, first and foremost.


Entrance: £5 per adult and £3 per child.
Family of 4 (max 2 adults) £12.
Group of 10+ discount £1 per ticket.

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