Satellite dish: Russian TV – useful tips

“Do you know anyone who can install a SATELLITE DISH to watch Russian TV – or can you give any advice please? What size dish is needed? What Russian channels can be received in Cambridgeshire?”

CamRuSS often receives this kind of queries. We are now collating all relevant information on this topic – your advice will be compiled and published here, for the benefit of the local Russian-speaking community. Please reply to:

*USEFUL TIPS* that CamRuSS has gratefully received from our subscribers so far:

1. Buy a Russian newspaper in the Russian shop in Cambridge (Cobbles Yard, Napier Street, off Newmarket Rd, at the back of Grafton Centre), and there will be phone numbers of the people in London who professionally deal with setting up satellite TV. You can phone them up, and they can come and set it up for you.

2. There is a very useful website where you can register and watch Russian TV for just about £10-£12 per month: (you can watch it on your laptop, or even on your TV through some special cables). The advantage is that you can watch all the channels!
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