Guided tours of Cambridge & Tuition in Maths and Russian by an experienced teacher Tanya Yurasova

Guided tours of Cambridge (in Russian or English) by a professional green-badge guide (face-to-face or virtual, public or private and tailored to your individual needs, general or themed, e.g. history of science in Cambridge, ghosts at night, particular parts of the city, tours for families with children, treasure hunts, Fitzwilliam museum, Sedgwick museum, etc).
See available tours at
For upcoming tours, please look at the calendar on the right-hand side and click on the dates highlighted in Cambridge blue!
Please get in touch with your preferences of date and topic.

Maths tuition (online in English or Russian) by an experienced professional teacher includes the following topics:

  • Help with A-levels and IB;
  • Challenging Maths to expand your horizons and inspire;
  • Emergency pre-GCSE brush-up and polish;
  • Help & support to overcome ‘mental blocks’ and fear of Maths.

Russian lessons (online; one-to-one or in small groups) by an experienced and enthusiastic teacher.
Please get in touch with any questions, indicating your level of Russian.

Contact details:
Phone/WhatsApp: 0781 510 1481.

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