In 2020 Russian Film Week, as well as the Golden Unicorn award, planned to celebrate their 5th year. Due to the global pandemic, it was decided to postpone the Fifth Russian Film Week to 2021, and hold RFW-2020 online. However, all the films submitted for this year’s award will be considered by the Jury in 2021.

Filip Perkon, Founder and General Producer of the Russian Film Week and the Golden Unicorn Awards said: “Although UK cinemas are closed and travel to the country is limited, it was important for us to hold a festival this year. Our fans still want to watch Russian films, and together with our friends from Kaspersky Lab, we decided that we should move the festival online. We will present a selection of feature films, short films and documentaries that will be available not only in England but throughout Europe. And we hope to return to our usual format in November 2021. ”

The RFW 2020 program includes eight full-length fiction films, two documentaries and 16 short films. RFW will present a variety of genres, despite the small number of films.


  1. «The Whaler Boy», dir. Philipp Yuryev – Opening Film
  2. «Kalashnikov», dir. Konstantin Buslov
  3. «Tsoy», dir. Alexey Uchitel
  4. «Ice 2», dir. Zhora Kryzhovnikov
  5. «Marathon of Wishes», dir. Darya Charusha
  6. «Deadly Illusions», dir. Oleg Assadulin
  7. «Hotel Belgrade», dir. Konstantin Statskiy
  8. «One breath», dir. Elena Khazanova– Closing Film


  1. «From Kurils with Love», dir. Taylor Rees
  2. «Brain. Evolution», dir. Yulia Kiselyeva


  1. Soup (dir. I. Sukhorukova)
  2. The Gift (dir. R. Kudoyarov)
  3. Friends (dir. T. Ivashkina)
  4. Stream (dir. A. Dianova)
  5. The Right to Life (dir. O. Koleva)
  6. 16/8  (dir. Sasha Paracels)
  7. Thank you, Coach! (dir. Nikita Tarasov)
  8. Meshes (dir. Nikolay Sadokov)
  9. It’s Said (dir. Nica Jakovleva)
  10. The Important Day (dir. Olesia Aleinikova)
  11. Sulphur (dir. Lana Vlady)
  12. Thank you! (dir. Maria Shulgina)
  13. Talent (dir. Oleg Ageychev)
  14. The Robbers Losers (dir. Andrei Bulatov)
  15. It doesn’t matter (dir. Revaz Gigineishvili)
  16. Nuartier (dir. E. Scherbakova)

RFW-2020 official trailer

Film screening online platform –

You can view the Opening and the Closing day films –

NB: Access to all screenings is FREE, except for the opening and closing films. Registration for viewing is required.

The program of short films will be available for viewing throughout the week (6-13 December). Feature films will be shown only once according to the schedule. Some films are available exclusively in the UK, others – only in Europe. Discussions with creative teams will accompany many film screenings.

In addition to screenings of new Russian films, there will be masterclasses by actor, director and producer Danila Kozlovsky, writer and playwright Dmitry Glukhovsky, actors Alexander Kuznetsov and Brian Cox.

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