Russian DAIRY PRODUCTS IN UK: “kefir” & “ryazhenka”

kefir-cultured-milk-drink-250mlOrganic Russian dairy products, KEFIR and RYAZHENKA are now available in Britain!

They are made authentically from the best of organic British milk and live cultures.

These delicious and super-healthy drinks are produced on a beautiful organic dairy farm in Devon where the cows are over 95% grass-fed. Biotiful Dairy products won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards and the Best Dairy Drink Award at the Global Dairy Congress in 2013.

Kefir and Riazhenka from Biotiful Dairy naturally contain billions of live microorganisms including Bifidobacterium) and are a source of a number of essential vitamins (including B2, B12) and minerals (including calcium, phosphorus).

Now these organic cultured milk drinks can be delivered to your home next-day anywhere in the UK via &

Full list of stores:

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