Russian Cuisine: Homemade Pancakes, Dumplings and Ravioli

We offer homemade pancakes, dumpling. Delicious, organic, freshly frozen and cooked with love.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Prices are affordable!

Classic Dumplings (pork 60%, beef 40%): 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10
Dumplings with turkey: 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10

Dumplings with cottage cheese: 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10
Dumplings with potatoes: 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10

Pancakes with meat (4 in a package of about 500g): £5
Pancakes with cottage cheese (4 in a package of about 500g): £5

Please contact Julia Bizjukova on:

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