Russian courses at Anglia Ruskin

Welcome to Russian courses at Anglia Ruskin University Language Centre, Cambridge.

Two levels: Russian for Beginners and Russian Elementary (an equivalent of Common European Framework Level A1).

The courses develop all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in an integrated approach, introduce and develop key structures and vocabulary relevant to topics studied and provide insights into Russian society and culture. Both courses are CD-ROM based, which gives an excellent self-study support to numerous communication and basic grammar classroom activities, and are run by Marina Burrell, a native Russian-speaker with more than 10 years’ experience.

ARU Language Centre provides excellent interactive learning facilities and Virtual Learning Environment. The students will also have access to the University Library and ARULC resources.

Accreditation: ARU internal Certificate and 15 credit points transferable towards any qualification .

Mondays 3-5pm (Elementary),
Mondays 5-7pm (Beginners).
Duration: 12 weeks, 2 hrs/wk.

Further info: Dr Annie Morgan-James, Language Centre Director or Marina Burrell
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