Russian Club 65+ Appeal


To Adult Children of Elderly Russian Parents of Cambridge

If we are lucky, we shall grow old in due time. Generally, people are afraid of getting old. Indeed, when your body and mind deteriorate, many of life’s enjoyments disappear.

On the other hand, one’s elderly years are the time of freedom. There is no pressure from society or nature any more… And there is plenty of free time – right now in your hands! It would be a shame not to enjoy these privileges.

Humans are known to be social animals. Therefore we need friendly companions to better enjoy life. However, it is harder to develop and maintain new connections when one grows older. Especially if you are far away from your native country, old friends and culture and do not speak English.

The good news is that we are not on our own with our elderly parents here in Cambridge! So let us try to help our aging parents to really enjoy their life and freedom in this beautiful and cultural city. They are still very resourceful.

We propose to launch a 65+ Russian Cambridge Club (including 65- if they want to take part) for Russian-speaking residents of Cambridge and the surrounding area. It will function under the umbrella of CamRuSS, and in liaison with the Conversational Club (the “Waterstones” group).

Possible joint activities may include (but would not be limited to):

  • Visiting concerts and exhibitions;
  • Watching old and new Russian films (in the cinema and at home);
  • Walking in Cambridge and around, near the river Cam etc.;
  • Celebrating birthdays;
  • Visiting less mobile members at their homes;
  • Holding small parties to celebrate certain holidays and events;
  • Visiting National Heritage sites;
  • Exploring numerous free Cambridge museums.

We assume that elderly people will run the Club themselves, with a little help from their adult children and grandchildren, who speak English and who could offer some technical and informational support when needed. For example, I can happily guide/host a group of the Club members once a month.

Thus, let us join forces and help our aging parents to enjoy their life and stay physically and mentally active for longer. We shall benefit from it too:

  • It will improve the atmosphere at home where several generations live together;
  • We shall have a positive example to follow when it is our turn!

It would be great if those who are interested could get in touch with their suggestions and comments. Another suggestion is meeting for a brain-storming session one weekend in early February.

Please write to Irina Abnizova on:

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