Play by Mikhail Bulgakov: “Zoyka’s Flat” – 27th February 2015

Zoyka_i_Gus – By popular demand, the Russian Amateur Theatre in Cambridge “Вот такой театр” is staging yet another performance!

  • Friday 27th February 2015, 7pm
  • Tickets on the door

Production by the Russian Amateur Theatre in Cambridge “Вот такой театр”.
Director: Uliana Bashtanova.
Language: Russian.

Cast: Alexandra Ediger, Mikhail Bashtanov, Irina Deych, Lilya Ilgova, Tatiana Yurasova, Viktor Zvyagin, Ekaterina Onatskaya, Dmitri Bashtanov, Svetlana Baibekova, Сarina Cockrell, Elena Richer, Natalia Kalyazina, Vida Dagyte, Tatiana Tuzhilina, Artyom Skrobov, Sam Altshuler, Yulia Tingle, Peter Yurasov-Ford.

Consultant: Natalia Budanova.
Technical assistant: Natalia Brom.

Venue: Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Rd, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 2LD
Map: Click here.

This is a unique production, that uses the original, uncensored version of Mikhail Bulgakov’s play!

Admission: NO children under 10 y.o. please. (It is not a play for children play.)

Entrance fees: £10; CamRuSS members £8;
Family (2 adults): £18; CamruSS members £15;
Children: 10 y.o. to 16 y.o.: £5;
older than 16 y.o. – as adults.

You can pay on the door or book your tickets in advance, if you wish.


  • You can pay in advance, by direct bank transfer to:

Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society
NATWEST Bank, Sort code: 60-11-30
Account: 18120466
Ref: 27Feb + YOUR NAME (under which you are making reservation)

As soon as you have transferred the money, please send an email to:, indicating your name, the title of the play, the number of seats you have paid for, and their category (adult, child, CamRuSS member, couple etc.)

  • Alternatively, you can make your booking and pay in cash directly to any member of the cast, if you know them.
  • If you wish to pay by cheque, please write to, and we shall let you know to which address you can send your cheques.

With any queries please write to

Here is an article by Carina Cockrell, about our theatre that was recently published by Russian London (in Russian): Как стать актрисой, или Это, ребята, не лечится!

Reviews from the audience:

“Получила огромное удовольствие от спектакля! Какие же вы все молодцы!” – Лилия Васселл

“Спасибо!!! В конце спектакля, когда всех заслуженно хвалили, я поймала себя на мысли, что совсем не следила, кто и как играл, так как полностью погрузилась в действие – ДЕЙСТВО – и мир героев. А это, может быть, самая большая похвала. Так держать!” – Ольга Эдигер

“Спасибо всем участникам за доставленное удовольствие! Было очень здорово! Я так рада что я смогла присутствовать на этой грандиозной премьере! Приезжайте к нам в Швейцарию.” – Ирина Щурова

“I just wanted to say congratulations on the performance! You were amazing! I was really surprised to see so much good acting from an amateur group. Enjoyed the evening very much.” Cordula Epple

“Дорогие артисты, поздравляю всех с премьерой! МОЛОДЦЫ!!!! Постарались ВСЕ! Особенно приятно, что “маленькие” роли не прошли незамеченными! Дальнейших успехов!” – Людмила Фрунзе

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