Online Course “KVN-Intensive” for Children and Youth from 8 to 18 years old

Many people born in the USSR remember KVN (Клуб Веселых и Находчивых, a.k.a. КВН / Club of Fun-loving and Quick-witted People), a game from our childhood, which has been on TV since 1961! Currently, it is one of the most popular entertainment projects in Russia, where multinational teams compete live on-stage while demonstrating wittiness and sense of humour using elements of stand-up, variety show and entertainment. KVN has millions of followers and attracts talented young participants from more than 30 countries. Now it is coming to Cambridge.

Greetings from the Moscow KVN team: Hello, Cambridge!

See the team’s Instagram page.

We invite young people (8-18 years old) to take part in a unique 6-week long virtual course “KVN- Intensive”, starting on either the 9 June or 11 June (ending on 14 July or 16 July 2021) – TBC depending on the chosen day for the first training). The day of the final contest will be confirmed later.

Fluency in Russian language is essential as the course will be conducted in Russian. The booking deadline is Sunday, 6 June.

To book your child(ren) on this course and with any enquiries please contact Alexander Tretyakov at (in Russian) or Elena Kapitsa at (in Russian or English).

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