You are invited to take part in a competition for the best design of a new CamRuSS logo. The competition is open to EVERYBODY – any age, nationality, qualification, country of residence, members or non-members of any society!

This is an exciting, highly creative and unusual challenge. One needs to get across the gist of our Society in a simple, expressive and vibrant design. CamRuSS depends on your talents!

Conditions and time-scale:

First stage:

  • prize for THE BEST DRAFT of the logo (picture and text) is £50
  • drafts and sketches of proposals should be sent electronically to in any standard format;
  • all participants will be awarded appreciation prizes;
  • the DEADLINE for submitting your drafts: Monday, 20th May 2013;
  • all submitted drafts will be considered within 10 days after the deadline, and the winner will be announced.

Second stage:

  • the winner will be offered an opportunity to rework their draft into the final version of the logo (picture and text) as vector graphics, for an additional reward of £50 for a usable final version, within the following two weeks.
  • the winner may choose to decline this additional offer (which will NOT affect their entitlement to the original £50 prize for the best draft).

Design requirements

It has been suggested that an image of a window could be incorporated in the design, as it encompasses a few important ideas at once (e.g. a window into the world/Europe, enlightenment, culture, openness and open-mindedness towards different people and countries, readiness to communicate, interact and explore the outside world). However, it is only a suggestion and we urge the participants to use their own judgement and imagination!

A few important points need to be taken into consideration:

  • our geographical location in Cambridge;
  • our link to Russia, Russian art, culture and traditions;
  • on the whole, the logo must have a modern look and embody the spirit of CamRuSS, with its avid interest in history and contemporary life in Russia, and its forward-looking approach;
  • ideally, there would be only a few colours involved, two or three, in order to ensure a simple and bold appearance.
  • the imagery must not be loaded with any religious, political or ideological implications.

Special notes on wording:

  • the name of the Society – CamRuSS – should be incorporated in the design;
  • a careful choice of font is important (neither a whimsical old-fashioned script nor a terse “Pravda”/”Times” lettering, but something fairly simple yet memorable);
  • two versions of the draft should be submitted – one with the abbreviation CamRuSS, and the other with the full name, i.e. Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society, both written in the same font; the two designs should match and be in harmony with each other.

We look forward to your sketches in electronic form at, to arrive no later than Monday 20th May. Please feel free to ask any questions, in either language, by writing to the address above.

Please don’t hesitate to give it a go!

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