Marlen Khutsiev Visits Cambridge, 8-10 May 2014

Here is an up-to-date schedule of the visit of the legendary filmmaker Marlen Khutsiev.

Марлен Хуциев – легендарный кинорежиссёр, живой классик, снявший такие фильмы времён оттепели, как “Весна на Заречной улице” (1957), “Мне 20 лет” (1964) и “Июльский дождь” (1966).

ABOUT THE MAN: Director of the “Thaw”-era classics, such as “Spring on Zarechnaia Street” (1957), “I am Twenty” (1964) and “July Rain” (1966), Marlen Martynovich Khutsiev was born in Tbilisi, began his filmmaking career in Odessa and has lived in the same Moscow apartment for the last 26 years. His early work was shaped by Soviet filmmakers’ discovery of Italian neorealism in the 1950s; his great 1960s films have more in common with the work of Antonioni and Godard. Frequently subject to politically motivated attacks by Soviet authorities, his films are few in number, but each an aesthetic and historical landmark. At the age 88, he is still active as a filmmaker and president of the Russian Federation’s Guild of Film Directors. He is also a lively raconteur with many stories to tell about his own films, as well as his work with filmmakers Ihor Savchenko, Sergey Parajanov, Andrey Tarkovsky and others.

* WHERE: All events take place in Winstanley Theatre, Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge.


— THURSDAY, 8th May, 5:30-7:30 pm —
Mr Khutsiev will discuss his career, from his student years at the All-Union Film Institute in the directing class of Ihor Savchenko, through the Thaw classics “Spring on Zarechnaia Street”,”I Am Twenty” and “July Rain”, to his current work-in-progress, ‘Невечерняя’ (‘Not Yet Evening’), a film loosely based on accounts of meetings and correspondence between Chekhov and Tolstoy. The presentation will include short extracts from ‘Not Yet Evening’. Marlen Khutsiev will speak in Russian with consecutive English translation.

— FRIDAY, 9th May, 7-9 pm —
“IT WAS THE MONTH OF MAY” (Был месяц май, 1970, 109 mins).
Screened in Russian WITHOUT SUBTITLES. A synopsis will be available on the night.
Marlen Khutsiev will introduce and discuss the film, which is set in the first days after the end of World War II. It follows the lives of a group of Soviet soldiers as they interact with the residents of the German village where they are stationed. A reception, hosted by the Cambridge University Russian Society, will follow the screening.

— SATURDAY, 10th May, 4 pm —
“I AM TWENTY” (Мне 20 лет, 1964, 165 minutes).
Screened in Russian with English subtitles. Originally prepared for release in 1963 under the title “Lenin’s Gate” (Застава Ильича), the film was re-edited and re-named after Khruschev criticised it publicly. Its portrait of three young workers at loose ends in the 1960s Moscow is now considered a key work of the Soviet ‘New Wave’. Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Konchalovsky play small walk-on roles. Marlen Khutsiev will introduce and discuss the film.

— SATURDAY, 10th May, 8 pm —
“JULY RAIN” (Июльский дождь, 1966, 109 minutes).
Screened in Russian with English subtitles. Filmed in widescreen black and white, this film offers a portrait of Moscow life in the 1960s that is at once lyrical and profoundly disaffected. Marlen Khutsiev will introduce and discuss the film.

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