Looking for a Home for Ukraine sponsor for my distant relatives from Kyiv

Looking for a sponsor for my distant relatives from Kyiv as my living conditions and family circumstances do not allow me to accommodate them. They applied for a visa a week ago, the timing of arrival depends on how quickly they will get the visa.

Ninochka is 60 years old, she is a general practitioner. She is caring, attentive and meticulous, she is ready to advise free of charge newcomers and long-term settlers on health issues and just to talk and listen to people – she is very good at it, she does not speak English, but speaks both Russian and Ukranian and hopes to become a useful member of the community.

Her husband Sasha is 65, he is a retired power engineer but still works. He is a keen cyclist, very energetic, happy to help with odd handy man jobs around the house and has great sense of humor. The couple has a healthy life style and no bad habits.

We will provide them with everything they need, we are ready to pay extra to top up the bills in addition to sponsorship, which is now £500 per a household. I will consider all options and also take the responsibility if things do not work out. In that case I will host them temporarily and will look for another sponsor. To prevent that happening I will get involved in the process prior to arrival to make sure I find a good personality and house match. If there are opportunities for a shorter period than 6 months, this may also work.
All they need is warm-hearted people and a warm house. They will be grateful for it and I will make sure that the sponsor is happy too.

Thank you all in advance and please send any offers or suggestions to me at juliabrigh_t@yahoo.com. Please spread the word outside the community as it is my next step and I appreciate any help on this matter.

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