Head of Studies (Завуч) – Vacancy at Cambridge Russian School

5th May 2015

Head of Studies (Завуч) – 3 year contract

This position involves coordination of school teaching process and ensuring that all educational services are provided in an efficient and effective manner for all the parties involved: students, parent and teachers.


  1. Developing the school curriculum, promoting professionalism and innovation
  2. In conjunction with Deputy Head of Studies, evaluating the work of other teachers
  3. Coordination of teaching process which includes:
  • Arranging and producing a timetable
  • Maintaining professional development of teaching staff by participating in conferences, training sessions and subject meetings
  • Recruiting and interviewing candidates for teaching position
  • Dealing with parents’ and students’ enquiries and complaints
  • Allocation of pupils to classes
  • Organising regular meetings with teaching personnel and leading them ( once a term)
  • Maintaining the quality of teaching services, e.g. lessons observation, review of teaching plans
  1. Representing Russian School at different events, conferences and meetings
  2. Working closely with the Deputy Head of Studies, Administrator, Admission officer and Treasurer to ensure an effective and efficient work of the Russian School.
  3. Supporting the Deputy Head of Studies in the performance of any other of her/his tasks Advising Trustees and administration on compliance requirements for the organisations working with children and maintaining appropriate internal policy documents
  4. Working closely with Trustees’ Committee in ensuring adhering to school mission and strategy and planning of further improvement and development
  5. Preparing termly reports to the Trustees and annual report to the AGM to include review of the operations and outline and status of the future plans
  6. Attending Trustees meetings when required to report and answer any questions
  7. Submitting academic timetable for the next term for the Trustees’ approval

Skills Required

  • MS Word; Excel; email
  • Good organisational skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills (Russian and English);
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Ability to build relationship with colleagues, students and parents;


  • Experience of teaching Russian to bilingual children
  • Experience of work in a UK school

Working hours: Saturdays (during term time) 12.00 – 17.00, during the week from home – 10 -15 hours ( or as required)

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