Fitness for children and adults

  • FITNESS SESSIONS FOR ADULTS are now running (since March 2013) in Lamma’s Land Park in Newnham, Cambridge.

WHEN: Wednesdays 10.00 – 10.45 am and on Mondays, 13.00-13.45. There is also a plan to start a Friday group if there is enough interest.

Classes are held in the “bootcamp” style and focused on comprehensive improvement of general fitness and visual parameters of the body. The main part of a session is assigned to the “bodyweight” exercises where the force and weight of one’s own body is used. In addition, we use free weights, elastic resistance bands, balls, skipping ropes, some “Boxercise” drills and much, much more, so every workout is unique and will never be repeated!

The bootcamp format is one of the most popular trends of fitness, where workouts optimally combine aerobic and strength exercises with the endurance training. The results become apparent very quickly; within a month of regular exercise, you are guaranteed to become noticeably fitter and slimmer. And in addition, you will have a good mood and a happy company!

The first trial session is free. You are more than welcome to come and have a try!


WHEN: during the warm season, every Sunday, between 10.30am-12 noon.
WHERE: Newnham Park (as above)

Children appreciate the time spent with their parents, and this is a great opportunity for the whole family to start a day in a fun and active way! We have loads of outdoor games to play, some fun exercises, little relays and competitions.

Participation price for a family is 5 pounds.
Come along, bring your friends and you are guaranteed a good time!

Please contact Elena Kapitsa if you wish to come
– by phone 0798 332 9708 or e-mail:

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