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Russian Film Week in Cambridge

Tuesday 21 November, 2017 - Sunday 26 November, 2017

This is a unique opportunity to view recent productions by both up-and-coming and established film directors from Russia, get acquainted with young talent and acclaimed actors, meet the creative teams, and take part in open discussions.

Most of the films will be shown for the first time outside Russia and make an excellent introduction to contemporary Russian cinematography for local viewers. All films will be shown in Russian with English subtitles.

Presented artworks will explore common human themes of love, happiness, memory, loyalty and betrayal; address shared trends of change in our moral and aesthetic leanings, aspirations, responsibilities and continuity between generations. There are different genres to choose from: documentary, drama, comedy/tragedy, space odyssey and short films selection.

Screenings will be held at three conveniently located venues in central Cambridge.

Discounted tickets are available for advance purchase and combined viewings (see below).


Tuesday, 21st November, 19:00 


Russia, 2017

Running time: 2h 12min

In Russian with English subtitles

Director: Anastasia Palchikova

Screenplay: Valery Todorovsky

Producers: V. Todorovsky, A. Zlatopolskiy, M. Skvortsov

Cast: Anastasia Palchikova, Margarita Simonova, Anna Isaeva, Alisa Freindlich, Valentina Telichkina

The film follows the tortuous path of a young provincial girl Yulya who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Her ambition is to dance at the prestigious Bolshoi Theatre – the epicentre of Russian ballet. However, to succeed she needs to brace herself for the countless physical and mental challenges, tough decisions and an intense rivalry like she has never experienced.

21:15 Discussion after the show

Venue: Main Lecture Hall, Old Divinity School, St. John’s College, St Johns Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TP


Wednesday, 22nd November, 19:00


Russia, 2016

Running time: 52min

In Russian with English subtitles

Director: Sergey Yastrzhembskiy

Only around 500 endangered Amur tigers remain in the wild. The biggest threat to the largest wild cat in the world is human beings. According to statistics, poachers kill an average of 20 striped predators every year. A new documentary investigation by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy in collaboration with “Amur Tiger” Center reveals the main threats to the survival of the Amur tiger in the Far East.

20:00 Discussion after the show

Venue: Main Lecture Hall, Old Divinity School, St. John’s College, St Johns Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TP


Thursday, 23rd November, 19:00

GUPPY (15+)

Russia, 2017

Running time: 1h 19min

In Russian with English subtitles

Director: Vlad Furman

Screenplay: Vlad Furman, Vassiliy Sigarev

Cast: Nellie Popova, Mikhail Razumovsky, Yevgeny Baranov

“Gupeshka” – is a derivative of a guppy fish and the nickname of the main character of the film, Tamara, given to her by her husband. Guppy is a small aquarium fish that can survive in any conditions, even in the sewage system.

20:25 Q&As with the creative team: Vlad Furman, Nellie Popova, Vasiliy Sigarev (TBC)

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Hall, Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TQ


Friday, 24th November, 19:00


Russia, 2017

Running time: 2h 20min

In Russian with English subtitles

Director: Dmitriy Kiselev

Screenplay: Sergey Kaluzhanov, Yuriy Korotkov, Irina Pivovarova, Oleg Pogodin

Producers: T. Bekmambetov, E. Mironov, S. Ageev

Cast: Konstantin Khabenskiy, Evgeniy Mironov, Aleksandr Ilyin, Sergey Kaluzhanov, Yuriy Korotkov, Oleg Pogodin.

In the midst of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States race to be the first nation to send a human being into outer space. On the Russian side, the unlikely duo of a seasoned war veteran and a hot-headed test pilot find themselves cooped up in a tiny spaceship. Their mission, beyond travelling further than any human has been before, is to ensure that their nation leads the way in an increasingly fraught game.

21:20 Q&As with the film director Dmitriy Kiselev (TBC)

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Hall, Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TQ


Saturday, 25th November, 19:00

Short films Selection:


Director: Kim Belov. Russia, 2017. Comedy/Horror, 7 min. Cast: E. Tsyganov, P.Tabakov, E. Nikolaeva. A cable guy comes to a customer’s apartment and meets his fate.


Director: Valya Lukashchuk. Russia, 2016. Drama, 15 min.
Dasha is happily married and fool enough not to see the ugly truth around her.


Director: Lado Kvataniya. Russia, 2017. Drama. 18 min
The USSR in the 1960s. A young woman who lives in a solitary farmhouse in the countryside discovers a mysterious metal sphere, and inside it, a man wearing an orange flight suit and a white helmet. The man has crash landed on Marina’s land, needs urgent medical attention. Marina has to nurse him back to health.


Director: Ilya Sherstobitov. Armenia, Belarus, Russia 2017. Drama. 15 min
The story about love and loneliness, family ties and responsibility, hope and its illusoriness.


Director: Ruslan Bratov. Russia, 2017. Comedy. 13 min.

Venue: Main Lecture Hall, Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TJ 


Sunday, 26th November, 18:00 (please note the earlier start)

PAGANS (12+)

Russia, 2017

Running time: 1h 53min

In Russian with English subtitles

Director: Lera Surkova

Screenplay: Lera Surkova

Producers: Vladimir and Alexander Kott

Cast: Elena Nesterova, Valentin Samokhin, Vitaliya Enshina, Tatyana Vladimirova, Dmitriy Urosov

Set inside the confines of an apartment, a drama is played out between family members, mixed with a hidden blind faith in a miracle, following a visit of a devout grandmother. Amongst this family madness, a tragic love story of a teenage girl unfolds.

20:00 Closing of the Russian Film festival / Drinks.

Venue: Main Lecture Hall, Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TJ


ADVANCE TICKET SALE: Wednesday, 1st November – Monday, 20th November 2017

Advance tickets On the day
1 day COMBI/6 days 1 day COMBI/6 days*
Adults £7 £35 £8 £40*
CamRuSS members, Children, Students, OAPs

(proof of eligibility required)

£5 £25

*available on Tuesday, 21st November only

To book your tickets please pay by bank transfer to:

The Russian Speaking Society
NATWEST Bank. Sort code 60-11-30. Account 18120466
Ref: RFF/Date of Screening/Your name (for example, RFF/24/Jones) or RFF/COMBI/Your name

Please email events@camruss.com to let us know that you have paid quoting the category and the number of tickets you are booking. We will email you a confirmation as your ticket.

If you are unsure of your membership status please contact membership@camruss.com


Tuesday 21 November, 2017
Sunday 26 November, 2017



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