Creative Workshop (FREE) for Children and Adults

Sunday 17th June, 3-5pm
Lower Hall, St.Paul’s Centre, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP
Map: Click here
An exciting and unique opportunity – completely free of charge!

The idea was to to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of the Olympic torch in Cambridge, and the life of our local community. This was not a sports event, it was all about ART, CREATIVITY, and SELF-EXPRESSION.

* Offered to CamRuSS by a charity “Same Sky”;
* Run by a professional artist;
* Exciting creative activities;
* Free tools and an inspiring variety of materials;
* Plenty of scope to experiment, explore, and express yourself in new, unusual techniques;
* Much fun for the whole family;
* Tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.

Children and adults alike were creating “Olympic torches”, and other similar images, reflecting the life of our community in Cambridge –
*** “КЕМБРИДЖ И МЫ” ***

We shall bring our pieces of art along to the colourful community event on 7th July at Parkers Piece, Cambridge, around 6-7pm, on the day when the actual Olympic torch travels to Cambridge. The event is called “A Field for Dreams” and is funded by Cambridge City Council. We shall represent the local Russian-Speaking Community; there will be over 30 other community groups and approximately 30 primary and secondary schools there, all of which will have made colourful items for the parade on a purpose-built stage. Come along and have fun!

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