Art Classes in Cambridge

Art Classes for Children and Adults in Cambridge are opening soon – please enrol now!

Children from 8 to 16 years of age (and older) are invited to join, as well as adults. There is also a possibility of running a class for younger children, subject to demand.

Lessons are taught in small groups, using a unique, especially designed programme, that combines the best achievements of the Western European approach, as well as the merits of traditional academic teaching of drawing and painting.

Language: Russian (mainly) as well as English; classes twice a week.
Tuesday and  Friday, 4pm–6pm
Address: St Augustine’s Church, Richmond Road, Cambridge CB4 3PS.
First lesson: 15th November 2011.

Before each lesson, the participants are very welcome to make use of our kitchen-bar (from 3:30 till 4pm). Please bring your own food, whilst tea, coffee and other drinks are provided.

Lifts for your children after school may be arranged on request.

In order to enrol, or with any queries please contact:

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