“Art at the Front” Exhibition

“ART AT THE FRONT” – an exhibition of wartime drawings, created by Russian artists-soldiers, who crossed Europe from Russia to Berlin with a rifle, a pencil and a sketchbook . The drawings and watercolours have come from the family archives of the artists, and are being exhibited for the first time in the UK.

These individual visual recordings made during the most intense and tragic times are of special historical and artistic value. Some portraits, made at immense speed during rare moments of calm between the battles, represent the last living records of those who never made it home.
There are very few surviving witnesses of those days and their visual records become increasingly precious for us, our children and generations to come. It is an important part of our history and heritage, which carries a message of eternal wisdom to humanity: do not let such disasters happen again; try to avoid conflicts, impacting the lives of others; actively seek understanding and foster mutual respect and peace between people and nations.
The exhibition “Art at the Front” will continue in Jesus College Chapel from 10th until 20th May. Please view the exhibition leaflet by clicking this link.
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