Anglo-Russian PUB QUIZ

Thursday 25th September, 6:30pm
The Tivoli Pub, 16 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge, CB4 3AX
1st Floor, in the spacious room overlooking the river.

Click here to see the MAP

Entrance – £1.
Languages: both Russian and English. Everyone is very welcome! Please invite your Russian and English-speaking family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

This will be an almost traditional pub quiz, but with a difference, gauged at a mixed audience, native Russians and Brits alike, and there will be no questions on soap operas or cricket!

Please sign up here:

Teams: 4-5 people. However, you don’t need to form a team yourselves (unless you wish to) – you can sign up as an individual, or as a couple, or as a threesome, and we shall match you up with surprise partners.

Prizes for the winning team!

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