Блинчики, пельмени, вареники

We offer homemade pancakes, dumpling. Delicious, organic, freshly frozen and cooked with love.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Prices are affordable!

Classic Dumplings (pork 60%, beef 40%): 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10
Dumplings with turkey: 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10

Dumplings with cottage cheese: 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10
Dumplings with potatoes: 500g – £5.50, 1kg – £10

Pancakes with meat (4 in a package of about 500g): £5
Pancakes with cottage cheese (4 in a package of about 500g): £5

Please contact Julia Bizjukova on: julias.cleaning@icloud.com

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