We are working on an idea of creating a CamRuSS virtual museum of The Late Soviet History with artefacts and memories.

We all, who lived through that period – and survived! – have different memories – happy, sad, funny or tragic – but they are like pieces of a great mosaic that could create a true picture of our past, of the country that we lived in, or just visited at that period, love/loved, are/were proud of or have been trying either to remember or to forget, the country that has always been studied by Western historians, philosophers, students but still remains “neponyatna mudretsam’ – ‘an enigma wrapped in a mystery’.

It’s time to leave your name in creating Collective memory of our Motherland’s past, to help people better understand all the events of that era and their own roles in them, to leave something for our children.

For that, we are inviting you to make your contributions and send us:

pictures of your artefacts – Soviet era attributes – accompanied by short descriptions of
– what it was
– why it’s memorable for you
– what significance it had/the role it played during the Soviet period. Please send your pictures and short stories – either in English or in Russian, as a MS-Word document attachment to Marina Burrell with your contact details and any additional information/ideas you’d like to share regarding the establishing of the Late Soviet History museum.

Alternatively, we’d be quite happy to visit you at a convenient place and time to record your memoirs. Please contact Marina for further details and information.

An example of a short description, e.g. A picture of a 5-kopeck coin.
It was used for travelling by underground (Metro) in Moscow until … 1990s(?) After entering a metro station, a passenger had to insert a 5-kopeck coin into a slot machine (“turniket”).
For 5 kopecks, you could travel any distance in any direction for the whole day! If the average salary of an average Soviet citizen in the 1970s was 120 Rbls a month, a commuter could make … trips a month.
Also, we could eat, drink, sleep, have dates at the underground stations. Students of Moscow “insititutes” had their regular gatherings there (“tusovki v trube”). I’ve been keeping this coin all these years because …

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