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4th Annual Russian Film Week in Cambridge

Monday 25 November, 2019 - Saturday 30 November, 2019

An excellent introduction to the contemporary Russian cinematography.  All films are shown in Russian with English subtitles.


WHEN: MONDAY, 25th November, 19:00
WHERE: Lecture theatre, Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TJ

A Russian Youth
/ Мальчик русский

Russia, 2019
Director: Alexander Zolotukhin
Cast: Vladimir Korolev, Artem Leshik, Mikhail Buturlov, Filipp Dyachkov, Sergey Goncharenko
Rating: 12+
In Russian with English subtitles
Running Time: 72 min

Synopsis: The First World War was a tragedy that launched a series of hardships for the Russian people: revolution, civil war, famine, political repression, and the Second World War. All these fell on one generation of people. What courage and patience those people must have had in order to survive all the upheavals of the 20th century? What was their character like? What must they have been thinking and feeling? These questions are asked by the authors of the film “A Russian Youth”. It tells the story of a simple village boy who goes to the front of the First World War with a naive youthful dream of fame and medals. In the first battle he loses his eyesight. He is left to serve as a listener – he must listen carefully through huge metal funnels and raise an alarm in case enemy air planes’ approach. Back then the basis of the Russian Empire’s army was made up of peasants and the working class – people with a characteristic appearance, who lived lives of hard physical labour. Many non-professional actors in the film were found on the streets, in factories, among the cadets of military schools, and in orphanages – the film features the music of Sergey Rachmaninoff, who created the Third piano Concerto op.30 in 1909. With the power and energy of this piece, the composer predicted the coming upheavals of the 20th century. One can hear Rachmaninoff’s premonition about the fate of the people in the lyrical shrill melody. Three decades later, at the beginning of the Second World War, Rachmaninoff will create “Symphonic dances” op.45, an even more grand and vigorous work, after which he no longer wrote.





WHEN: WEDNESDAY, 27th November, 19:00
WHERE: Keynes Hall, Kings’ College, King’s Parade, Cambridge CB2 1ST

The Balkan Line
/ Балканский рубеж

Russia, 2019
Director: Andrey Volgin
Cast: Anton Pampushnyy, Gosha Kutsenko, Milos Bikovic, Milena Radulovic, Ravshana Kurkova
Rating: 15+
In Russian with English subtitles
Running Time: 151 min

Synopsis: Yugoslavia, 1999. The Russian task force receives an order to take control of the Slatina airport in Kosovo and hold it until the arrival of the reinforcements. However, both the Albanian warlord and NATO generals also want to control this strategic location. The task force is squaring off with the terrorists in an uphill battle while Russian peacekeepers and NATO forces are rushing to support. Once again, the world is on the verge of a big war. But for Andrei Shatalov, the commander of the task force, politics is secondary. His girlfriend Yasna is among the hostages at the airport…

Q&As with actress Ravshana Kurkova




WHEN: FRIDAY, 29th November, 19:00
WHERE: Lecture Theatre 1, Judge Business School, Trumpington street, Cambridge, CB2 1AG

The Conquest of Siberia / Тобол

Russia, 2019
Director: Igor Zaytsev
Cast: Ilya Malanin, Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Dmitriy Nazarov, Pavel Tabakov, Andrey Burkovskiy, Agata Mutsenietse, Ekaterina Guseva, Ivan Kolesnikov, Evgeniy Dyatlov
Rating: 15+
In Russian with English subtitles
Running Time: 108 min

Synopsis: Ivan Demarin is a young officer of the Imperial Guard during the rule of Peter the Great. He follows the Tsar’s order and goes to Tobolsk, the frontier town located deep in Siberian forests. There Ivan falls in love for the first time. His regiment happens to be involved in a plot of local princes who are looking for gold of Yarkand town. Hordes of wild Dzungars surround his fort, and there is no one to call for help…




WHEN: SATURDAY, 30th November, 19:00
WHERE: Lecture Theatre 1, Judge Business School, Trumpington street, Cambridge, CB2 1AG


Film 1: Goodbye, Amsterdam! / Прощай, Амстердам!

Running Time: 15 min.

Director: Natalia Shinelyova

Cast: Natalia Anisimova, Alexander Dmitriev, Marina Gaizidorskaya, Valeria Yakovleva, Ksenia Khudoba, Alexandra Kabanova, Maria Vardenga, Olga Zaitsev, Alexander Koltsov

Synopsis: Sveta and Oleg is a modern young couple: they eat organic food, exercise regularly and dream of moving to Europe. All their plans turn to ruin one day at the supermarket when Sveta gets bitten by a woman in leopard leggings. Soon Sveta begins to notice new exotic desires: for leopard print in particular and for other habits in general. Oddly enough, the infection that is threatening their modern lifestyle can also spark new passion in couple.


Film 2: Euthanasia / Эвтаназия

Running Time: 10 min.

Director: Elena Brodach

Cast: Olga Sutulova, Timofey Tribuntsev

Synopsis: An experienced inspector suspects a cardiologist of murder. However, he has doubts; he does not understand why a kind, intelligent woman would commit the cold, planned murder of her rival, for whom her husband left her long ago. Jealousy? A sense of ownership? In exchange for the truth he offers information which may change the view of the potential criminal.


Film 3: SWAP / Обмен

Running Time: 20 min.

Director: Aksinya Gog

Cast: Fyodor Lavrov, Yuriy Borisov, Vitas Eisenach, Alexey Filatov, Yakov Tikhomirov

1990s. Moscow. Winter. Swedish Embassy. One terrorist. One hostage.


Film 4: White Mark / Белым по чёрному

Running Time: 15 min.

Director: Anton Mamykin

Cast: George Marishin, Anna Marlioni, Svetlana Kolpakova, Yuri Loparev, Sergey Shanin

Synopsis: The miner confesses to his wife of treason. After that strange things start to happen. He works in the mine, but he remains perfectly clean, doesn’t get dirty. Colleagues cease to trust the clean miner, the boss removes him from the brigade, the wife throws a scandal. The character cannot withstand such pressure and gives up. Looking for a solution he comes up with an idea.


Film 5: Dummy / Болванка

Running Time: 12 min.

Director: Nikita Vlasov

Cast: Svetlana Kamynina, Ivan Mulin, Evgeniya Weiss, Evgeni Sangadzhiev

Synopsis: Timofey’s fiance finds herself on a landmine. Now the only person who can help her is Timofey’s mother – a military engineer who does not quite agree with her son’s choice.


Film 6: Farewell / Прощание

Running Time: 5 min. 38 sec.

Director: Maria Fomina

Cast: Anna Chipovskaya, Egor Koreshkov

Synopsis:This is a story about the death of relationship. It tells about how close people can become completely alien to each other. The story of a misunderstanding.


Film 7: Delivery Service / Служба доставки

Running Time: 13 min. 10 sec.

Director: Vladimir Koptsev, Elena Koptseva

Cast: Andrey Kondratyev, Galina Filimonova, Daria Rumyantseva, Andrey Shimko, Vasilisa Ruchimskaya, Alexander Koptsev

Synopsis: A messenger of the special delivery service does his regular job: delivers orders to people. It’d be an ordinary story, if it wasn’t for the unusual nature of the deliveries themselves which are pure emotions. Any person can send a real joy, love or any memory to the addressee – the messenger will deliver anything at one’s command. But will it make someone feel better after receiving it?


Film 8: S

Running Time: 9 min. 33 sec.

Director: Ilya Sherstobitov

Cast: Vlada Erofeev, Feruza Ruzieva

Synopsis: This story can happen in any city in the world. There are no main characters and life is passing through the film like it would through an hourglass. Fear permeates every second of the finale.




One screening: Full price: £10, CamRuSS member: £6, Concessions*: £6

RFW combo ticket (4 days): Full price: £32, CamRuSS member: £20, Concessions*: £20

*The proof of eligibility is required


Monday 25 November, 2019
Saturday 30 November, 2019
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