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The Russian Book Club in Cambridge is one of many initiatives of CamRuSS. It was open in December 2010, and was originally coordinated by Yekaterina Gorodova (2010-11), who was a constant source of inspiration, new challenges and endeavours, and ‘burning-hot’, ‘just-out-of-the-oven’ Russian literary news.Book Club meeting

The idea of the Club is to read one or two fiction books written in Russian and discuss them at the next meeting. The meetings usually take place on the first Monday of each month – in one of the members’ houses or in a cafe, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We have tea and cake, lots of fun and share our deep thoughts and observations, all at the same time! Admission is free, and new members are very welcome.

The Club has published a few issues of “Literaturniy Listok”, an electronic newsletter, covering the most recent happenings in the Club and literature news in general.

On the initiativeBook Club Rubina of Yekaterina Gorodova and the Club members, an internationally acclaimed contemporary Russian writer, Dina Rubina, was invited to Cambridge, and met with the Russian-speaking community in King’s College in April 2011. We also held a special meeting devoted to Pushkin‘s poetry on his anniversary on 6th June 2011.Book Club Ulitskaya short In 2012, we welcomed to Cambridge Ludmilla Ulitskaya, and in 2013 the Club, together with other members of CamRuSS, organised an evening short stories with Mikhail Segal.

There are many exciting plans for the future, such as theatre and cinema  trips in order to see the plays and films based on the books we read, attending authors’ readings and book fairs.

Please get in touch, if you are interested, have a suggestion, or would like to join. Please email Yelena Karl, the Book Club Coordinator, on:

Proposed meeting dates in 2014 (every 5 weeks, as a rule):
20th January, 24th February, 31st March, 5th May, 9th June, 14th July, 18th August, 8th September, 13th October, 17th November, 15th December.

Books for 2014:

  • Top-priority reading list:
“Лавр” Евгений Водолазкин –
“Харбинские мотыльки” Андрей Иванов –
“Дознаватель” Маргарита Хемлин –
“Атосса” Николай Ульянов –
“Крестьянин и тинейджер” Андрей Дмитриев –
“Гумилёв сын Гумилёва” Сергей Беляков – или
“Немцы” Александр Терехов – или
“Острое чувство субботы” Игорь Сахновский – или
Ольга Славникова “Лёгкая голова” – was added to the list by a member –
  • Additional reading list (“just in case”):
“Возвращение в Панджруд” Андрей Волос –
“Старик и ангел” Александр Кабаков –
“Бубновый Валет” Владимир Орлов –
“День Опричника” Владимир Сорокин –
“Обращение в слух” Антон Понизовский –
“Записки гадкого утёнка” Г. Померанц

Many thanks to Irina James for finding the links, looking at the proposed books, reviews & help with prioritising!

Venues: Our meetings usually take place in the recently renovated YHA Café and Bar, “The New Scholars” (97 Tenison Road, Cambridge CB1 2DN), or in the Jade Healing Centre (5 Tredgold Lane, Napier St, Cambridge CB1 1HN), or in the Portugal Place office.

  • Upcoming Meeting: 17th November 2014, 7pm till 9pm
  • Book: Olga Slavnikova, “The Light Head”
    (You may find the e-book here: )

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Last updated: 10th November 2014.

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