Clubs & Discussion Groups

  1. Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society has already launched a Russian Book Club, a Russian Amateur Theatre and a Conversation Exchange Group. However, there are plenty more opportunities to explore.
  • Are you interested in Russian/Eastern European/Former Soviet Union CUISINE?
  • Folk Dance?
  • Ballet?
  • Chess?
  • Local History in Russian?
  • Debating Society?
  • Ice Hockey? Football? Tiddly Winks?
  • Mothers and Toddlers Group?

… or indeed anything else?

CamRuSS would be delighted to assist, support you, and promote your idea. Please don’t hesitate to give us a buzz – write to us now! We look forward to new challenges and endeavours.

3 Responses to Clubs & Discussion Groups

  1. Rosa Suarez says:

    Hi, I am passionate about Russian “Multifilmi” and Children Picture Books, specially those from the Former Soviet Union. I would love to create some kind of workshop aimed to Russian speaking kids. By the way, I am myself studying a MA in Children’s Books illustration.

  2. Leszek Karlinski says:

    Priviet wsyem, although Polish, Im looking for Russian-speaking people to sing together old traditional Russian, Ukrainian, cossack songs. I live in Peterborough, so ideally would be to meet people from this area. Still, if you do not want to forget where you are from and want to recall theose unique emotions when you go across a field with a horse at night (Wyjdu v polye s konyom :)), you more than welcome. So if you want to feel again like home – at least for some time, please write to me or call (after 5 pm) 07565020049.

  3. Анна says:

    Всем привет! Кто хочет играть в большой теннис в Кембридже? Давайте встречаться и играть вместе! Я довольно долго занималась теннисом профессионально, есть опыт обучения деток, но давно не брала ракетку в руки. Пишите на

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